Online Preparation for the Digital SAT® Exam

A Digital Test Deserves Digital Prep!

Don’t Leave Your Students’ Success to Chance

The new digital SAT exam is here! Are your students ready to do their best? Not only is the exam now administered entirely online, there are a lot of changes to the content. Preparing students with the same, outdated SAT materials won’t help them reach their goals.

Why It Works

With significant content changes AND a brand new testing interface, students deserve a new way to prepare for a completely new kind of test and we have exactly what they need.

Better Content = Better Results

Realistic Interface

Students practice in an online interface that looks just like the actual exam so they are less stressed and as prepared as possible on test day.

Course Study Guides

Interactive Study Guides provide content that teachers assign to students to introduce concepts or to reinforce instruction.

Questions & Explanations

Over 2,000 expertly crafted questions mirror the difficulty and style of the new exam, so students always know what to expect. Plus, immediate feedback with detailed answer explanations enhances learning, clears up any misconceptions, and sharpens critical thinking skills.

Built-In Support

Embedded learning tools enhance understanding and retention of key concepts and skills. From illustrations and engaging videos to hints and flash cards, we offer a variety of resources to reinforce the learning journey.

For Educators, by Educators

Pre-Built Assignments

Curated assignments that support instruction in core classes and expose students to what they will need to know on the exam save teachers time and effort.

Instructional Roadmaps

ELA and math roadmaps provide teachers with a step-by-step guide of what UWorld content to deliver when making incorporating SAT prep into their classes easy.

Interactive Polling

Teachers can push out College Board® aligned questions to their class to quickly gauge student knowledge before introducing new concepts or reviewing content.


Data dashboards track usage and performance, allowing educators to identify gaps and celebrate success. Reports can be viewed at the student, class, school, and district levels.

Backed by Research

Our content aligns with research on providing practice with elaborated, explanatory feedback to promote recall and enhance learning. Read more about how our methodology helps high school students on their path to college and beyond.

Hear From Our Users

“The UWorld SAT platform provides a focused approach for improving both SAT performance overall and focused practice. The explanations of all answer choices—including the incorrect ones—are the best thing about this product. It’s a win for students who want to take control of their futures.”

Dr. Karen Zeske

Director of Advanced Academics,
Arlington ISD, TX

“The UWorld SAT prep format is particularly suited to AVID students because questions can be sorted by level of difficulty, and a “hint” is available to help a student with the first step of solving a problem. Another positive for AVID students is immediate feedback. The student may see explanations for the correct answer and the incorrect answers as soon as he has responded to the question.”

Judy Strickland

AVID District Coordinator,
Irving ISD, TX

“I'm just an average kid. I was never one of the smart kids getting straight A’s. I wasn't a teacher's pet. I preferred playing video games and going to the beach!...I personally set aside one hour a day to do these problems until I had finished all the UWorld math questions. The result of this was turning my original 480 on the PSAT math section into a perfect 800 on the real SAT.”


High School Student

Students looking at laptop and preparing for ACT & SAT test with UWorld

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