How UWorld’s Learning Tools for AP® Courses Support Instruction

How UWorld’s Learning Tools for AP® Courses Support Instruction

As a high school educator, you answer an essential calling: to ensure that your students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college and the real world. But making the leap from high school to college can prove to be a significant challenge for most students. In many ways, college unlocks a whole new world to navigate, including a higher degree of coursework difficulty, the pressure of choosing a major/career path, and increased personal responsibility, not to mention unprecedented freedoms. That’s why students who get a head start on the collegiate experience are more likely to better handle the new challenges that come with being a college student.

At UWorld, we share in your calling. Our College Readiness mission is to help students seamlessly transition from high school to college. That’s why we launched our online Learning Tools for AP® Courses. Students who score a 3 or higher on AP exams are more likely to be admitted to college and ultimately graduate. Studies have shown that Advanced Placement (AP) students:

  • score higher on standardized tests than non-AP students
  • attend college at higher rates
  • earn higher grades in college
  • are less likely to drop out of college
  • graduate from college at higher rates than non-AP students

By offering a supplemental learning tool for your AP® courses, you would be putting your students in the best possible position to succeed in college by exposing them to several benefits. Our Learning Tools for AP Courses focus on helping students Practice, Learn, and Improve while allowing educators to Manage instruction and monitor progress.


Modeled after the College Board® AP curriculum, our course tools are specifically designed to help students succeed in AP courses and on the AP exams. Informed by research-based strategies, our AP learning tools support instruction, improve student engagement, and help students develop critical-thinking skills. Students actively learn information, enabling them to retain information as they study and recall key concepts. Our content is updated weekly to ensure rigor, quality, accuracy, and alignment with current AP courses and exams.


Our Learning Tools for AP Courses feature clear, concise answer explanations paired with industry-leading illustrations, which help students understand information and simplify complicated concepts. Students who understand why an answer is correct or incorrect are more likely to understand the concepts and recall the information. More than providing practice, our content helps students retain the knowledge gained in their AP courses and assists educators in identifying their weak areas. This focused learning helps you know where to invest more time to improve.


Monitoring your classroom and identifying students who could use more attention can be challenging. That’s why our AP reporting tools help educators monitor student usage and progress at the individual, classroom, campus, and district levels to identify gaps and celebrate success. Whether you have been teaching this course for one semester or ten years, the ability to monitor each student’s progress is an innovative tool that empowers instructors to make sure no student falls through the cracks. You no longer have to guess how a student or a class will perform on their AP exam; now, you have the tools to prepare each student for exam success more directly.


Our assignment tool enables teachers to customize assignments and easily incorporate content into their lessons. Teachers can manage students and classrooms more efficiently; quickly find, preview, and assign content, preventing loss of instructional time. 

We consider it an honor to support your students’ education and are committed to delivering only the highest quality content to assist you in preparing them for college and beyond. We would love to partner with you to help you help your students.

Learn more about our Online Learning Tools for AP® Courses. Download our AP Brochure.

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