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It’s been said many times before—teachers are superheroes. Unlike the super-human variety we see in movies, however, AP® Government teachers do not have access to radioactive spiders or strength-enhancing serums to give them their powers. Instead, they rely on high-quality AP U.S. Government and Politics content to strengthen their classroom instruction and better support their students. This is exactly why our team of former AP teachers and UWorld Learning Tools for AP Courses authors have compiled a list of quality AP Gov resource links for you.

Free Educational Resources for AP Government

The following is our compiled list of free AP Government teacher websites. These are great educational resources you can incorporate into several AP Gov lesson plans!

Heimler's History

  • Youtube channel that provides free, high-quality videos on a variety of AP Government topics.
  • Reviews critical topics by course subject and organizes them into easy-to-access playlists.

Constitution Annotated

  • A comprehensive record of the United States government’s analyses of the U.S. Constitution written in “plain English.”
  • Interprets the Constitution with a legal perspective based on Supreme Court cases and historical practices.


  • Free archive from Cornell’s Legal Information Institute that works to make the U.S. Supreme Court “accessible to everyone.”
  • Offers a plethora of educational resources, such as searchable audio with transcripts, case study summaries in “plain English,” and Supreme Court opinions.

Open Secrets

  • Non-partisan premier research group following how money in politics affects elections and public policy.
  • Provides data analyses of American politics and money flow to strengthen democracy through public awareness.

National Constitution Center

  • Asynchronous AP Government curriculum with 15 units to provide students with a basic understanding of the text, history, caselaw, and structure of the American Constitution.
  • Each module provides a list of materials, checks for understanding, and critical thinking activities for classroom teachers, and covers an entire semester’s-worth of subject matter.

Other Resources

The above list of sites just scratches the surface of the free AP U.S. Government and Politics educational supports that can be used for instructional supplementation. There are additional ways AP Gov teachers can strengthen their teaching “toolbox,” as well, and some of our favorites are listed below. Please note that, unlike the ones listed in the above section, some of the following resources are not free.

AP Summer Institutes (APSIs)

Each summer, the College Board® offers AP professional development through their AP Summer Institutes. During these summer sessions, teachers develop AP teaching skills and strategies, and explore each section of the course and its exam.

AP Online Workshops

For educators who can’t attend in person, the College Board provides online workshops that teach strategies to help AP staff plan and focus their instruction.

Teacher Websites & Communities

There are a variety of social media platforms and websites that provide not only educational resources, but also a feeling of community. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we do recommend you check out the following:

Other Paid Educational Resources

Here are some additional AP Government teacher resources you can incorporate into your lesson plans, as well. These may include a fee, but they offer high-quality support.

Tips for Finding Quality AP Government Resources

When searching for instructional supports, it’s important to make sure they come from reliable sources. Here are a few ways you can ensure your educational resources are high quality!

  • Use content materials that academic professionals have developed. People without the proper content area credentials are less reliable than AP teachers, published journals, and businesses that sell educational tools. For instance, UWorld's Learning Tools for AP Courses only contain information created by subject-matter specialists and previous AP teachers.
  • It’s a great idea to trade ideas with other AP teachers in your district. You can network with AP Gov educators outside of your school when you go to professional development workshops.
  • Textbooks are excellent educational resources. Many textbooks have online editions that teachers may access just as easily as other websites. These digital versions are often the most current, too.

For teachers who want to enhance their AP instruction with a quality AP Gov resource, UWorld’s Learning Tools for AP Courses is an innovative program that helps students strengthen their understanding of course concepts needed for AP success. Discover how we can help your AP program today.

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