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It’s been said many times before—teachers are superheroes. Unlike the super-human variety we see in movies, however, AP® Statistics teachers do not have access to radioactive spiders or strength-enhancing serums to give them their powers. Instead, they rely on high-quality AP Stats content to strengthen their classroom instruction and better support their students. This is exactly why our team of former AP teachers and UWorld Learning Tools for AP Courses authors have compiled a list of quality educational resources for you.

Free Teacher Resources for AP Statistics

The following is our compiled list of free AP Statistics teacher websites. These are great educational resources you can incorporate into several AP Statistics lesson plans!


  • Online AP Stats website with rigorous assessments, data, tutoring materials, and other educational resources.
  • Is financially supported by the National Science Foundation and fosters a sense of community with statistics educators through their site’s message board.

Guess the Correlation

  • Online statistics game where students try to figure out how correlated two variables are within a scatter plot.
  • While the game is designed for students to have fun while learning about statistics, data from student guesses is collected and used to study how people view correlations and scatter plots.

Statistics Teacher

  • Online journal about K-12 statistics curricula that provides book reviews, software, activities, and calculators.
  • Is published by the American Statistical Association, whose editors review all contributed materials to make sure they are accurate and of high quality.

Stats Medic

  • Educational resources website that provides AP Stats lesson plans, workshops, assessments, and blog posts for educators.
  • Empowers teachers to lead student-centered classrooms that prioritize thoughtful investigation and a deeper understanding of AP Statistics concepts.


  • Website that provides actual random numbers to anyone online.
  • Is often used for conducting drawings, lotteries, and sweepstakes, but is also an invaluable resource for AP Statistics teachers.

NCTM: Illuminations

  • Educational resources site for AP Stats teachers that provides lesson plans, activities, virtual manipulatives, and games.
  • Provides quality Common Core standards-based instructional supports and interactive tools for math teachers.

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

  • Online statistics lab with free interactive studies, simulations, demonstrations, and case studies.
  • Has received multiple awards for being a great math site for educational resources, and is supported by the National Science Foundation’s Division of Undergraduate Education.

Calculator Soup: Descriptive Statistics Calculator

  • Online statistics calculator that generates descriptive statistics for a specific data set.
  • Summarizes specific parts of a data set, or population, using calculations.


  • Software designed to be an engaging way to help instructors teach data analysis and statistics.
  • Content is aligned with Common Core standards and can be used to quickly represent data, build simulations, and plot values and functions.

The World of Statistics

  • Global network that strives to encourage statistics as a career choice, especially among K-12 students.
  • Provides blogs about the applications of statistics, interesting information about careers in statistics, and statistics-related events worldwide.


  • Website fully dedicated to offering various types of interactive simulations of data.
  • Provides interactive educational resources for AP Statistics teachers and students.

ASA: K-12 Educators

  • Site created by the American Statistical Association with the purpose of supporting high-quality statistics education for K-12 students.
  • Includes a plethora of educational resources, statistics publications, reports, teacher webinars, and more.

Census at School

  • International classroom project for grades 4-12 that centers around statistical problem-solving.
  • Strives to make statistics engaging by encouraging AP Statistics students to compare data from their own class with samples from other students worldwide.


  • A set of online AP Stats tools designed to support educators with teaching bootstrap intervals and randomization tests.
  • These tools provide a means to make the complex concept of statistical inference more “visual and intuitive.”

The New York Times: What’s Going On in This Graph?

  • An online collection of national graphs, maps, and charts from The New York Times.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss these graphs live with a focus on inquiry and critical thinking.
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Other AP Statistics Resources

The above list of sites just scratches the surface of the free AP Statistics educational supports that can be used for instructional supplementation. There are additional ways AP Stats teachers can strengthen their teaching “toolbox,” as well, and some of our favorites are listed below. Please note that, unlike the ones listed in the above section, some of the following educational resources are not free.

AP Summer Institutes (APSIs)

Each summer, the College Board® offers AP professional development through their AP Summer Institutes. During these summer sessions, teachers develop AP teaching skills and strategies and explore each section of the course and its exam.

AP Online Workshops

For educators who can’t attend in person, the College Board provides online workshops that teach strategies to help AP staff plan and focus their instruction.

Teacher Websites & Communities

There are a variety of social media platforms and websites that provide not only educational resources, but also a feeling of community. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we do recommend you check out the following:

Other Paid Educational Resources

Here are some additional AP Statistics teacher resources you can incorporate into your lesson plans, as well. These may include a fee, but they offer high-quality support.

Tips for Finding Quality AP Statistics Resources

When searching for instructional supports, it’s important to make sure they come from credible sources. Here are a few ways you can ensure your educational resources are reliable!

  • When creating course materials, it is best to utilize resources developed by professionals in the field of statistics, such as AP teachers, published journals, and businesses that specialize in educational tools. For example, UWorld's Learning Tools for AP Courses.
  • Networking with AP Stats educators outside of your school can be beneficial for all AP teachers in your district if you share resources and attend professional development workshops together.
  • Textbooks are great educational resources. Many textbooks have online editions that teachers may easily access online. These digital versions are often the most current, too.

If you are a teacher looking to improve their AP instruction, UWorld’s Learning Tools for AP Courses is the perfect solution. Our program helps students understand concepts vital for AP success. Find out how we can support your AP program now.

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