Teacher Resources for AP® Macroeconomics

We've heard it echoed far and wide—teachers are nothing short of superheroes. But unlike the caped crusaders gracing our screens, AP® Macroeconomics educators don't get their prowess from bitten spiders or mystical serums. Their superpower? Leveraging top-notch AP Macroeconomics materials to elevate their teaching and empower their students. This is precisely the reason our team of former AP Macroeconomics teachers, the very minds behind UWorld’s Courses for AP, has curated a treasure trove of exceptional AP teacher resources just for you.

Free Educational Resources for AP Macroeconomics

Here's our curated selection of complimentary AP Macro teacher websites. They're fantastic educational tools you can weave into various AP Macroeconomics lesson plans!

Econ Lowdown

  • A dynamic platform offering a wide range of educational videos on AP Macroeconomics topics.
  • Simplifies complex concepts into engaging content, organized in easily navigable playlists.

MRU Interactive Practice

  • Engages users with interactive macroeconomics content that's as informative as it is accessible.
  • Provides practical exercises and insights to deepen understanding of economic principles.


  • Acts as a hub for economic education, bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  • Offers a variety of AP teacher resources to make learning Macroeconomics both interesting and straightforward.

Foundation for Teaching Economics

  • A resource for educators looking for innovative ways to teach economic concepts.
  • Supplies Macroeconomics lesson plans and materials that bring economic theories to life for students.

Foundation for Economic Education

  • Offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of economics.
  • Each unit is packed with resources to encourage critical thinking and real-world application.


  • A web-based learning platform focused on making economics understandable for all.
  • Features interactive modules that cover essential economic theories and applications.

Jacob Clifford YouTube Channel: ACDC Econ

  • A YouTube channel dedicated to demystifying AP Macroeconomics through engaging videos.
  • Breaks down complex topics into manageable, bite-sized lessons that enhance learning.

Jason Welker's YouTube Channel

  • Provides a wealth of content aimed at deepening students' understanding of macroeconomic concepts.
  • Utilizes videos to explore and explain intricate economic theories in an accessible manner.


  • A treasure trove of AP teacher resources tailored for educators teaching grades 9-12 Macroeconomics.
  • Offers lessons and tools designed to simplify economic principles for high school students.
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Other Resources

The list we've shared merely begins to explore the wealth of complimentary AP Macroeconomics educational resources available for your teaching repertoire. But there are plenty more for AP Macro educators who want to bolster their instructional "toolbox." Below, you'll find some of our top resource picks. It's important to mention that, in contrast to the AP Macroeconomics resources in the last section, not all the tools listed below are free.

AP Summer Institutes (APSIs)

Every summer, the College Board® hosts AP Summer Institutes, offering professional development for AP educators. These sessions are designed to enhance AP teaching skills, strategies, and a comprehensive understanding of course content and its corresponding exam.

AP Online Workshops

For those who can't make it in person, the College Board offers online workshops. These sessions provide strategies to assist AP staff in planning and refining their instruction for greater impact.

Teacher Websites & Communities

A rich variety of social media platforms and websites are available, offering educational Macroeconomics resources and a sense of community among educators. While this list isn't all-inclusive, exploring the recommended sites can be beneficial.

Other Paid Educational Resources

Here's a curated selection of AP Macroeconomics resources to add to your toolkit. While some of these resources might come with a cost, they are designed to provide top-notch support and enrichment for your AP Macroeconomics lesson plans.

Tips for Finding Quality AP Macroeconomics Resources

When selecting instructional supports, it’s important to make sure they are high quality and credible. Here are some ways you can do just that!

  • Choose Macroeconomics resources developed by subject-matter experts, including those with AP teaching experience. UWorld's Learning Tools for AP Courses exemplify this, being crafted by specialists and former AP educators.
  • Exchange ideas with other AP teachers within your district and connect with AP Macro educators at professional development workshops.
  • Leverage textbooks and their digital editions for reliable, up-to-date information.

For teachers who want to level up their AP instruction with a great AP Macro resource, UWorld’s Courses for AP is an innovative learning platform that helps students develop and solidify their understanding of course concepts needed for AP success. Find out how we can support your AP program today.

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