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Teachers are impressive, and AP® Chemistry teachers are no exception. After all, AP Chem is not an easy subject to teach; to successfully take students from a foundational understanding of the Periodic Table of Elements to an advanced understanding of course content requires quality AP Chemistry teacher resources. This is precisely why our cohort of former AP teachers and UWorld Learning Tools for AP Courses authors have put together a collection of high-quality AP Chemistry teacher resources for you.

Free Resources for AP Chemistry Teachers

Tyler DeWitt - AP Chemistry Resources Youtube Channel

  • Youtube channel that acts as an AP Chemistry teaching guide with videos of practice problems, concept explanations, and free response questions.
  • Presents topics in an engaging way that is specifically from an AP testing point of view.

ScienceGeek.net - AP Chemistry Interactive Review Activities

  • Online AP Chemistry teaching guide that provides concept reviews, activities, study materials, and more.
  • Presents topics in an easy-to-understand way and leads students through various practice problems.

Bozeman Science - AP Chemistry

  • AP Chemistry teacher website that provides concept explanations, visual aids, and more.
  • Is best known for providing science video tutorials that have accumulated millions of views worldwide for over a decade.

Chemmy Bear

  • AP Chemistry teacher website that provides engaging chemistry experiments, tutorials, study materials, and printable handouts.
  • Provides “plug and play” resources for teachers and clear concept supports for students.

PhET Interactive Simulations

  • STEM resource website with detailed video simulations on a variety of math and science topics.
  • This resource page lies under the University of Colorado Boulder umbrella.

ChemDemos - University of Oregon

  • Resource for chemistry instructors that provides demonstration videos and activities on a range of science topics.
  • This resource page lies under the University of Oregon umbrella.

ChemCollective - Virtual Labs

  • Online simulation of a chemistry lab created to help students understand the relationship between chemical computations and genuine laboratory chemistry.
  • Allows students to choose standard reagents and work with them in a way that simulates a real lab.

The American Chemical Society - Division of Chemical Education

  • Professional organization for chemistry educators that provides them with lesson plans, activities, and teaching tips.
  • Grants access to peer-reviewed teaching materials and educational research, as well as opportunities for networking and industry workshops.
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Other Resources for AP Chemistry Teachers

The above list of sites just scratches the surface of the free AP Chemistry teacher resources that can be used for instructional supplementation. There are additional ways AP teachers can strengthen their teaching “toolbox” as well, and some of our favorites are listed below. Please note that, unlike the ones listed in the above section, some of the following resources are not free.

AP Summer Institutes (APSI)

Each summer, the College Board® offers AP professional development through their AP Summer Institutes. During these summer sessions, teachers develop AP teaching skills and strategies and explore each course section and exam.

AP Online Workshops

For educators who can’t attend in person, the College Board provides online workshops that teach strategies and tools to help AP staff plan and focus their instruction.

Teacher Websites & Communities

There are a variety of social media platforms and websites that provide not only AP Chemistry teacher resources, but also a sense of community. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we do recommend you check out the following:

Other Paid Resources & Tools

Tips for Finding Quality AP Chemistry Teacher Resources

It’s important to make sure the instructional sources you use with your AP Chemistry lesson plans are reliable. Here are a few ways to guarantee an excellent level of quality in any instructional materials you find!

  • Choose resources that have been designed by experts in your content area, AP educators, published journals, and companies that specialize in educational materials. These are more reliable than resources created by people who do not have strong academic backgrounds. For example, UWorld’s Learning Tools for AP Courses are written by former AP educators and content area experts.
  • Share resources with other AP teachers in your district. You can do this at your school, but you can also network with other educators in your district when you go to professional development sessions in your field of instruction.
  • Use textbooks. Many textbooks have online versions that allow teachers to find the tools they need just as easily as on other AP Chemistry teacher websites. Additionally, these digital versions are more reliable than their printed counterparts since they are the most current.
  • Look for resources that offer a variety of teaching methods and formats. This will help you find resources that are well-suited to the needs of your students and that can be used in different teaching situations.

For teachers who want to enhance their AP Chemistry lesson plans and instruction with a quality resource, UWorld’s Learning Tools for AP Courses is an innovative program that helps students strengthen their understanding of course concepts needed for AP success. Discover how we can help your AP program today.

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