Seven Great Resources for AP® English Teachers

AP english teacher reading about the seven great resources for teaching AP English

Whether you are a brand-new AP® English teacher or a seasoned veteran, finding quality resources is an essential element for educational success. Implementing reputable tools to supplement your AP curriculum offers you instructional flexibility, but, more importantly, it can be a difference maker for students struggling to grasp difficult concepts.

AP English Language and Composition (AP Lang) and AP English Literature and Composition (AP Lit) are two of the more challenging Advanced Placement® courses offered, as reflected in the 2020 AP exam scores reported by College Board®:

2020 Score Distributions: English

AP Lang12.6%20.4%29.1%26.2%11.8%
AP Lit9.3%17.3%33.5%27.8%12.2%

It is rightfully assumed that 2020 was an outlier due to the COVID-19 pandemic — the 2019 results show us an even lower percentage of students who scored a 3 or higher on their AP English exams:

2019 Score Distributions: English

AP Lang9.9%18.2%26.2%31.2%14.5%
AP Lit6.2%15.7%27.8%34.3%16.0%

Due to the rigor of the coursework and the desire to see more students find AP exam success, teachers are on the hunt for additional resources to support their instruction. With that in mind, here are seven great resources for AP English teachers . . .

  1. AP Teacher Community: A professional learning network connecting AP English Language and Composition and AP English Literature and Composition teachers worldwide.
  2. Teach Argument: Provides rhetorical analysis of popular music videos, as well as other resources.
  3. The New York Times: The Learning Network: Free access to NYT articles that go along with your lessons. Contributes to general literacy skills, including vocabulary development. Highlights news stories to bring current events into the classroom. Also offers webinars for teachers.
  4. AP Literature and Composition Facebook Group: A Facebook group for current and former instructors of Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition to share ideas, tips, and resources. This group offers a library of downloads full of great lessons and ideas.
  5. #aplitchat: For Twitter users, #aplitchat offers a Twitter chat for AP teachers on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST. 
  6. The Folger Shakespeare: Great resource for all things Shakespeare. Read full texts of Shakespear’s plays, sonnets, and poems for free. Offers an insightful look into Shakespeare’s language, life, and the world he knew.
  7. UWorld AP Learning Tools: Create assignments for individual students, groups, or the entire class. College Board-level questions, in-depth answer explanations, and detailed reporting allows you to easily integrate content into your lessons and empowers your students with knowledge and confidence throughout their learning experience.

At UWorld, we are committed to helping educators do what they do best: make a difference in the lives of their students by helping each student reach their full potential. 

For districts, schools, and educators looking to enhance AP classes and boost student scores, UWorld offers an innovative AP resource that helps students master the concepts needed for AP course and exam success. Discover how we can help your AP program today.

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